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23 Years Of Community Cleanup And Care

Since 2001, kmG Hauling has been providing commercial, industrial, and residential entities with safe, earth-conscious waste removal solutions within the DMV. The business was created 23 years ago, and the ultimate vision was to make kmG Hauling the leading provider of waste & recycling collection and disposal services.

Our Founder and President, Hugo Garcia says, “It is our mission to establish and maintain the highest professional standards while exceeding client expectations.” We do this by providing convenient and affordable solutions, a wide variety of services, and giving the customers flexibility to find what is best suited for their needs.

kmG’s 2024 goals

Each year brings new solutions and goals to aim for and 2024 is no different. Our main goals for the year are to continue to educate our employees and customers on recycling and zero waste, grow clientele to commercial, residential and construction entities, and to add four new trash trucks to our fleet.


How do we continue to educate those on recycling and zero waste? The main way we do this is by sending out newsletters to our current customers to keep them up to date with what we are doing and to provide teaching moments of the trash hauling industry.

In March, we honored Global Recycling Day on March 18 and International Day of Zero Waste on March 30. The newsletters are a fun way to give an overview of how to properly recycle and what steps we can all take to create a more sustainable planet. If you would like to learn more about recycling, please check out our March Blog: Recycling for a Sustainable Future.

Customer Growth

Clientele growth is something we strive for each year. The kmG sales team works together to develop relationships with customers and potential customers so we can provide quality work and bring on new work as well.

There are many ways we achieve our growth goals, our trucks being one of them. They provide visibility amongst our community, which helps our sales team receive calls from potential customers. The sales team also has great relationships with many brokers and management companies. These relationships create opportunities and allow the team to bid on a portfolio that may arise. Overall, our sales team takes the lead in growing our credentials, business, and keeping strong relationships with those we work with.

New Truck Additions

Adding new trash trucks to our fleet is always an exciting time. We have been growing the kmG fleet since February 2010. It allows us to be creative in how the trucks look to the public, but it is also a way for us to create awareness of the disease or cause we showcase on each truck. Our main goal is to motivate thousands of those in the DMV to act!

Throughout the year we plan to add four new trash trucks to our fleet. By adding new trucks, we can engage with the local community by participating in philanthropic activities, attending events, and promoting awareness of all types to the forefront. The trucks we plan to add in 2024 are:

  • Hemophilia B – kmG would like to honor a family that has a son with an inherited disease caused by a defect in the F9 gene, leading to insufficient production of the blood clotting factor IX.
  • DC – kmG is proud to service the DMV and we would like to dedicate and design a truck to highlight our DC customers.
  • Virginia – kmG is proud to service the DMV and we would like to dedicate and design a truck to highlight our Virginia customers.
  • Brain Cancer – kmG would like to honor a family with a brain tumor.

As we continue to increase our fleet, we evolve and adapt to modern, state-of-the-art methods for removing waste, as well as using our trucks for good. You can learn more about the trucks we currently have on our website and join our newsletter to be updated on when we add in the upcoming trucks of 2024.