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The Piian Odor Neutralizing Mini Vapor System

Eliminate trash odors immediately and stop complaints about the smell of trash compactors, trash chutes, and trash room odor.

Breaks Down Odors Using a Natural Biodegrading Action
Neutralizes Odors within Minutes
Dispenses All-Natural Food Grade Odor Neutralizer
Last 1 Year between Refills
Energy Efficient – Does Not Use Ozone

Fast & Simple Installation
No Obnoxious Perfumes
Minimal Maintenance Required
30 Day Return Period
Lifetime Warranty

What is a Piian System?

An All-Natural Odor Neutralizing System used to solve complaints about odors from occupants of apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls and institutions caused by smelly multi-story trash chutes, trash compactors, trash rooms, loading docks or troublesome sewage drains.

How It Works: The system vaporizes a solution of All-Natural Piian Odor Neutralizer into the odorous environment causing odors to break down by a biodegrading action.

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