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The DMV has mandatory source separation policies.  Source separated recycling is separating materials by type at the point of discard so they can be recycled.  The latest Department of Environmental Quality reporting indicates that Virginia has a recycling rate of 42.5%, Maryland 43.5%, and Washington D.C. comes in at 16%.

kmG has a commitment to find environmentally efficient methods when dealing with all waste management matters.  Our green principals include Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.


Waste prevention or source reduction means consuming and throwing away less. Source reduction prevents the generation of waste and is the most preferred method of waste reduction – a critical step towards protecting the environment.

Source reduction means consuming and throwing away less. It includes:

  • Purchasing durable, long-lasting goods
  • Seeking products with less packaging that are toxic-free.
  • Redesigning products to use fewer raw materials in production.
  • Ensuring those products have a long life after its original use.


Reuse means finding ways to put existing material back to their intended utility.  Good examples are plastic grocery bags, buying from thrift stores or refilling bottles.

Reusing products when possible is better than recycling because the item does not need to be reprocessed before it can be utilized again.


Recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. The process generates a host of environmental, financial, and social benefits.  For example, recycling of aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount of aluminum from raw materials. For each recycled can, there is enough energy to run a television or computer for three hours.

Recycling and waste reduction help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy and natural resources, create jobs and economic development opportunities. Most importantly recycling protects our environment and quality of life. Recycling centers properly utilize recyclable materials so that they can eliminate the use of our natural resources, by reusing them or manufacturing them into various sources of energy.  Recycling one ton of paper saves the equivalent of 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water.

Did you know?

  • Plastic bottles and salad dressing containers recycle into the polar fleece.
  • Milk jugs and detergent bottles recycle into other containers, floor tile, picnic tables, and fencing.
  • Yogurt containers and medicine bottles recycle into battery cables, brooms, and ice scrapers.
  • Dry cleaning bags and shrink wrap recycle into decking and landscaping tiles or park benches.
  • Energy Recovery: A waste treatment technology that involves the combustion of organic materials and substances.
  • Incineration and other high-temperature waste disposal systems are described as “thermal treatment.” Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into incinerator bottom ash, flue gasses, particulates, and heat, which can, in turn, be used to generate electric power. The flue gasses are cleaned for pollutants before they are dispersed in the atmosphere.  This process is often called waste-to-energy (WTE).


Organics composting is the collection of food waste, food-soiled paper products, and yard waste. Compost is material that can be used as a soil amendment to grow plants. Although there are many types of composting, many gardeners use vermicomposting systems for all their garden and kitchen scraps as well as newspapers and cardboard boxes which reduce their garbage and provide an organic soil for pot plants and container gardens on balconies and roofs to grow their own healthy food.  Vermicomposting can be ideal for apartment dwellers or small offices that want to derive some of the benefits of composting and reduce solid waste. It is frequently used in schools to teach children conservation and recycling

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